Afternoon Session: Tuesday, November 14


Registration & Networking & Poster Viewing 



Introduction to Session 
Hall Gregg, Chief Portfolio Officer, Pistoia Alliance 


Chemical Safety Library
Qiong Yuan, Director, Innovation Strategic Alliance, CAS


Pistoia Alliance Ontology Portfolio 

  • IDMP-O
  • process chemistry ontology
  • Clinical ops
  • Pharma general ontology
  • Methods Hub
    Hall Gregg, Chief Portfolio Officer, Pistoia Alliance
    Birthe Nielson, Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance
    Aditya Tyagi, Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance
    Giovanni Nisato, Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance


Accelerating the use of AI in R&D
Pistoia Alliance initiatives in ML and AI for future exploration:

  •  Foundation Models (Large Language Models) in drug discovery research
  •  Good Machine Learning Practices (GMLPs) 
    Highlight of publications and effect of regulatory thought in AI and ML 
  • Regulation of AI and ML in the US and the EU and compliance
  • NLP use case collection 
  • Digital Twins 
     Vladimir Makarov, Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance 


Real World Data and Social Listening 

  • What has the community achieved in its first year?
  • Project overview
    Thierry Escudier, Strategic Leader, Pistoia Alliance 



New Project Ideas

  • Panel Discussion & Q&A
  • Exhibits

Drinks Reception 


CLOSE - End of Day 1 


 Day Sessions, November 15

08:00 - 09:00 

Welcome Back - Registration 

Housekeeping - Zahid Tharia, Consultant, Pistoia Alliance


President's welcome and introduction

Becky Upon, President, Pistoia Alliance 


Keynote Address: The changing nature of biomedical R&D  

Bryn Roberts, SVP,  Global Head of Data & Analytics, Roche Diagnostics 


Introduction to the Strategic Priorities 

Hall Gregg, Chief Portfolio Officer, Pistoia Alliance 

10:05 - 11:15

Harnessing AI to expedite R&D

10:05 Keynote Address: Applying AI/ML to bring transformative medicines to patients

Enoch Huang, Vice President, Machine Learning and Computational Sciences, Pfizer

10:30   The Anatomy of an AI Drug Discovery Organization

John Overington, Chief Data Officer, Exscientia

10:45  Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical R&D: The Power of AI and Generative AI

Kailash Swarna, Managing Director, Accenture

11:00   Facilitated Q&A


 Morning Coffee 

12:00  - 13:00 


Partners in R&D Innovation - Sponsor Presentations 

  • How to make your Lab AI Ready, Phil Michaels, Solution Architect, Tetrascience
  • How to identify emerging trends faster, Matthew McBride, Director of Custom Services, CAS
  • S88 in the Lab: Not Just for Batch Processing, Gene Tetreault Senior Director, BIOVIA R&D
  • Predicting Reaction Success Using a Transformer Model Pre-trained on Reaction SMILES  Eric Gilbert, Life Sciences Consultant, Elsevier Professional Services Group



Delivering data driven value at scale
14.00     AZ Enterprise FAIR data accomplishments

Tom Plasterer, Data Strategy Lead, Oncology Translational Medicine, AstraZeneca

14:15     Establishing FAIR OMICS data management

Vitaly Sedlyarov, Global Omics Data Management Business Program Lead, Boehringer Ingelheim

 14:30    Accelerating data integration using FAIR
Martin Romacker, Product Manager, Data Marketplace, Roche 

14:45   Facilitated Q&A




15:30 IDMP Ontology 

  • Overview
  • Use case
  • Future strategy

Sheila Elz, Master Data Manager, Bayer

Heiner Oberkampf, CEO, ACCURIDS

Gerhard Noelken, Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance

Max Fink, Data Engineer, Boehringer Ingelheim


Controlled Substance Compliance and Shipping (CSCS) Community of Interest

  • CSCS Community Overview
  • Member’s perspective on handling R&D compounds in compliance with controlled substance and trade regulations
  • Case study
  • Panel Discussion: Focus of CSCS Now and Future
Jessie Bin Song, Director, Merck
Jack DeCicco, EHS Manager, GSK
Akos Papp, Product Manager, ChemAxon
Ania Hajdukiewicz, Global Head Trade Compliance, Novartis
Birthe Nielsen, Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance
16:15  -



Breakout One:

Data Strategy in R&D

Hosted by John Wise, Consultant, Pistoia Alliance 

16:15 Opening Remarks

16:20 Examining the Use of Virtual Control Groups: The Intersection of Data Science and Biological Relevance

William O’Neill, Digital Pathologist, Charles River Laboratories

16:35 Importance of Maintaining IP Integrity in Collaborative Design

Jonathan Buttrick, Application Scientist, Chemaxon

16.50 Making Life Sciences Data AI-Ready, Mya Steadman, Bioinformatics Scientist, Elucidata

17.05 Facilitated Roundtable Discussions

Points to include:

  • Each table to identify its Top 3 takeaways
  • Consolidation to top 2 takeaway topics
  • Identify Next Steps for the Pistoia Alliance

Breakout Two:

Strategic Priority – Accelerate Use of RWD/ RWE 

 Hosted by Thierry Escudier, Strategic Leader, Pistoia Alliance 

16.15 Opening Remarks

16:20 The challenges in RWD/RWE integration for R&D

Julia Fox, Director, Data & Analytics at Takeda

16:35 RWD and Research Informatics

Lingling Jiang, Head of Research Informatics China, Novo Nordisk 

16.50 Value of RWD Enrichment

Cecil Lynch, Global Chief Medical Information Officer, Accenture

17.05 Facilitated Roundtable Discussions – Points to include:

  • Each table to identify its Top 3 takeaways
  • Consolidation to top 2 takeaway topics
  • Identify Next Steps for the Pistoia Alliance

Breakout Three:

Strategic Priority – Sustainability-Driven R&D

Hosted by Birthe Nielson, Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance 

  • Pharma companies as all other industries are committed to reduce their carbon footprint and to become more sustainable
  • These engagements impact the whole ecosystem including all service providers
  • Pharma R&D organisations are now under pressure to contribute to the new strategic objectives
  • Pistoia Alliance as a key partner of R&D organisations wish to explore best practices and successful case studies

16:20 Achieving Sustainability Excellence at AstraZeneca

Ginena Harkins, Director, Safety, Health & Environment, AstraZeneca

16.35 Big Pharma perspective II

16.50 How a provider reduce Scope 3 emissions

Alyssa Caddle, Director, Procurement Sustainability, Thermo Fisher Scientific

17.05 Facilitated Roundtable Discussions – Points to include:

  • Each table to identify its Top 3 takeaways
  • Consolidation to top 2 takeaway topics
  • Identify Next Steps for the Pistoia Alliance

Closing Keynote Address: From Chasing My Cure to Every Cure

  • Unlocking the lifesaving potential of FDA-approved medicines

Grant Mitchell, CEO, Every Cure


Closing Remarks 

Becky Upton, President, Pistoia Alliance