Join us for the start of a new Clinical Operations Ontology Project 

Stage 1: Proof of Concept 


The Pistoia Alliance offers a unique collaborative platform where pharmaceutical companies and R&D service providers can work together in a pre-competitive environment. In this proof of concept phase we focus on improving the efficiency of clinical trial planning by refining the manual site feasibility process. By leveraging linked data and standard methodologies, we aim to effectively model clinical research designs. Through the automation of processes using ontologies and existing databases, we anticipate faster decision-making and a reduction in redundant efforts of site selection.

Hear directly from our Project Manager, and clinical operations expert, Aditya Tyagi about the purpose and intention for this new developing project...

To be involved at the beginning of any of the Pistoia Alliance projects enables, you, the sponsor, to access the following benefits. 

  • Steering committee status - you help us guide the project in a way that it can benefit the industry
  • Expand your network and knowledge of the subject matter 
  • Encourage conversions and innovation within your company and industry

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